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“Dead by Text” is a page turner fusing steamy romance and sharp psychological nuance. The story uncovers a clandestine hot affair bringing to the surface whirlwind raw emotions with obsession, jealousy, deception, infidelity and dramatic fateful events.

When Jonathan, a young promising lawyer from Australia, met online Rose, a Femme Fatale from New Orleans, they fell into dangerous for the younger man liaison, based on their highly sexually charged secret romance. If his secret came out that would be the end of his career, his prosperity, his family life.

Tension grew, and soon Jonathan was faced with the dilemma: to lose his comfortable life, family, status and career – or lose that fiery incredible woman he could not imagine his life without.

How the dilemma could be solved? Were other personages involved? How reality of circumstances would look in the silvery moonlight onboard of a magnificent cruise liner? Whose word would be the last one in this story? You would never guess…

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Natasha Lukin –  Brain Explorer and Wellness Advocate

Natasha Lukin leads a fascinating life of study, travel, and heartache due to conflict in her home country of Russia, the experience of which ripples throughout her work with expert nuance. What’s more, her study of psychology and work experience as a TV journalist in Moscow has honed her ability to tap into the depths of the human psyche. Born in Moscow and living in Australia for nearly 30 years, Natasha adores Melbourne and considers herself extremely lucky living in the ‘most livable city in the world’!

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“I thought about ‘Dead by Text’ novel long after I had finished reading it. The way the author created the digital world and all its pitfalls was so accurate: it made me double think about my own interactions. The timeless themes of infatuation, paranoia, obsession, infidelity, and sexual desire are perfectly entwined throughout an ultra-modern format, complete with text messaging, virtual flirting, and a city setting.”

Rachel Sandey


The book is well written, with heartfelt characters and genuine emotion.   I really enjoyed the story and appreciated the suspense and thrill and action, it definitely kept me intrigued and it only took me a day to read this book. A fantastic story told in a touching and loving way. One of the best books I read last year.”

Anna Martin


“I’m so glad I’ve read  this book! I learned so much from Natasha, explained in an understandable and simple way. Her writing has a chatty quality to it, like she is telling you what she would do and suggesting you try it too as opposed to so many healthy lifestyle books that come across as dictatorial and strict. Thanks Natasha! I will be trying out lots of your suggestions and hope to live to be a healthy old lady!”

Lori Raupe



“Without taking too much time, the first thing that comes to mind is how useful the information and recipes are for those seeking tried and tested alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Second come the advice from Natasha’s grandmother, lending an authentic folk history touch to the recipes and stories where many remedies have proved to have great efficacy.”

Judy Gregory