Natasha Lukin –  Brain Explorer and Wellness Advocate

Natasha Lukin leads a fascinating life of study, travel, and heartache due to conflict in her home country of Russia, the experience of which ripples throughout her work with expert nuance. What’s more, her study of psychology and work experience as a TV journalist in Moscow has honed her ability to tap into the depths of the human psyche.

Born in Moscow and living in Australia for nearly 30 years, Natasha adores Melbourne and considers herself extremely lucky living in the ‘most livable city in the world’!

Lukin is a human biologist, epidemiologist, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, psychologist and community mediator. Natasha also ran her own holistic health business in Canberra “Shapemaster Feel Good Studio” in 2008-2016.

In 2019 and 2020 (before Covid-19 stopped all Australian cruising), apart of coaching and writing books, Natasha was an Enrichment speaker on Royal Caribbean cruises

Each of Lukin’s books in the last few years was a discovery. She shares her ample scope of knowledge and expertise in her non-fiction works: The Lukin Longevity System, that has been awarded “Bestseller” status on Kindle, Amazon, followed by My Grandma’s Health Secrets Revealed. Those two are hand-on self-help guides to staying healthier and happier for younger, longer.

At the same time, her vivid imagination has led Natasha to completely different genre. She has written two thriller novels: The Bride from Moscow, which is in a thriller, suspense and murder mysteries’ category, while the latest one, Dead by Text, is a gripping story with multi-faceted characters, that comes under two categories: romance and crime and punishment. All characters and events in those novels happen in Melbourne, Australia.

But that is not all! In the last 2 years Natasha went on a crusade against so-called ‘Romance scammers’ online, contaminating not just dating sites, but all social media: Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn. Initially she fell victim herself to skilful and very smart scammers targeting single women looking for love, romance and marriage. After her first shocking experience Natasha quickly realised what are some tricks, baits and decoys, typically used by scammers and discovered warning signs of the danger. Being fully clear about what was happening, she pretended as if swallowed the bait and began ‘cat and mouse’ game with the predators.

Today she acquired a new capacity and see herself to be Online Profiler. Natasha can now teach how to navigate those murky waters, how to recognise early signs of being targeted by scammers and how to expose them via social media, and if necessary, reported to Police or other authorities.

She also discovered that, without scamming, what started as flirting and online romantic relationship, could be very dangerous as well, although exciting and enchanting at the beginning. That became a plot of Natasha Lukin’s latest novel “Dead by Text”.

Living in digital world dictates different rules of behaviour when the boundaries between reality and online existence are blurry and at times almost indistinguishable. It is a new reality and to survive we need to learn how adapt to it, accept it and make it work.

That is what Lukin explores now for her new contemporary novel “One night in Singapore”.