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Are you longing for a captivating read to thrill you, scintillate you, and get you thinking? Dead by Text by Natasha Lukin answers the call with exquisite concision.

This romantic psychological thriller will have you thinking twice about downloading that dating app… looking for online romance.

A gripping, (and at times deliciously racy) work of the modern thriller genre!

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When Rose and Jonathan meet online, we get a front seat insight into their burgeoning romance, complete with text bubbles and plenty of racy moments. There’s one main issue…Jonathon is a married man, what could go wrong? You’ll be surprised…

Dead by Text provides a perfect balance of historical backstory, rich character development, snippets of sauciness, and boatloads of edge-of-your-seat thrill. You’ll find yourself thinking hard about the modern mode of communication, how we find love, and what happens when love becomes muddied by jealousy, possessiveness, deception, and red-hot emotion.

There is something eerily familiar about ‘Dead by Text’ for many of us as it perfectly captured the modern way of communicating and finding love (or obsession?) at a screen of your mobile phone.

The timeless themes of infatuation, paranoia, obsession, infidelity, and sexual desire are perfectly entwined throughout an ultra-modern format, complete with text messaging, virtual flirting, and a city setting.

An excellent insight into potential dangers of unhinged obsession, sneaky affairs, and how text communication allows secrets, lies, and infidelity to fester.

We can all recognize parts of ourselves in Natasha’s characters, whether we want to or not…  the mark of a true writer and an outstanding book.


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6 reviews for DEAD BY TEXT

  1. Sylvester Kroyherr (Architect,FRMIT & Musician/Singer) (verified owner)

    In this modern age of social media and virtual reality, many may not find the time or inclination to follow through with a gripping novel. With my involvement mainly in the areas of art, architecture and music, it was refreshing to engage in Natasha Lukin’s latest book ‘Death by Text’. With vivid characterization of the main characters, namely Jonathan (a successful lawyer with a young family) and Rose (a stunning lady of Creole background – passionate and romantic with flair for dancing and singing).
    As the on-line affair develops via text messages between the couple, the exploration of cultural differences is insightful and enthralling, leading to early complications. The lustful reality is certainly driven by passion and sex, making our older generation turn back the clocks, but expressed thrillingly differently! Of course as the passion builds, it exposes various motives, weaknesses and suspense, with the injection of other characters (including Jason – Rose’s half brother), evolving questions of what everyone wants out of life. The truth is that the book is compulsive reading with large text and short enough to make an impact with thought provoking psychological power. Well done Natasha!!

  2. Veronica Agrus (verified owner)

    An extremely powerful story of online romance that only could happen nowadays when to meet someone is just a click away on your mobile. I got the chills so many times toward the end of this book. Irresistible attraction, lustful passional rendezvous, infidelity and jealousy – all that ended up with distraction of two young lives. It completely blew my mind.

  3. Michael Malacos, author and writer, Spiritual Garbageman (verified owner)

    I love reading the writing works from Natasha Lukin. I must say that her latest book “Dead by text” blew me away. I couldn’t put the book down. An amazing psychological thriller filled with suspense, intrigue and so much more. I definitely suggest that everyone read this book. Can’t wait for more of her works.

  4. Rachel Sandey, the President of Senior Social Club, Victoria. (verified owner)

    I thought about ‘Dead by Text’ novel long after I had finished reading it. The way the author created the digital world and all its pitfalls was so accurate: it made me double think about my own interactions. The timeless themes of infatuation, paranoia, obsession, infidelity, and sexual desire are perfectly entwined throughout an ultra-modern format, complete with text mes-saging, virtual flirting, and a city setting.
    Read this book if you’re thinking of signing up to a dating site… especially if you’re married! The author so accurately captures how people can become engrossed in a digital world, only to have it turn sour when virtual-meets-reality. A gripping, (and at times deliciously racy) work of the modern thriller genre.

  5. Susan Reynolds, writer and reviewer (verified owner)

    A contemporary story of the “affair”, a theme just as relevant today and days gone past. Natasha’s story has you falling into their lives and observing what will be happening to those characters with bated breath.
    Natasha Lukin has her finger on the pulse of these lovers reaching into the lifeblood of their existence. Her writing is breathing life into their actions.

  6. Kate M (verified owner)

    Love it! So engaging and interesting story!

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