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The innovative anti-aging and active longevity approach is to help you enjoy excellent health, feel and look radiant and energetic at any age – whether you are 18 or 80. Author, scientist, psychologist, NLP life coach and passionate health advocate Natasha Lukin has developed a system of beliefs, goals, actions and remedies based on her extensive knowledge and ample scope of experience. When implemented, Natasha’s system, is your guide to how to stay younger longer, feel sharper and use active longevity principles to carry on living preserving good health and mental wellness.

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The Lukin Longevity System–The Guide to Staying Younger, Longer

The Lukin’s system is a practical guide for those who wants to prepare themselves for happy and healthy ageing. It is never too early to start thinking about your future.

The book is full of realistic insights and recommendations targeting your goals  and provides you with tools and methods that will allow you to achieve those goals in real terms.

The book is based on 3 Systems: Lukin’s System of Beliefs…

This system shows you how to address personal ageing issues based on your own self-beliefs around ageing. Lukin leads you through mental imagery to demonstrate how negative thought patterns are limiting and self-harming for your decisions and actions. And then the author shows you how to transform your thought processes to reveal positive and inspiring imagery and a realisation that this is the time to set goals and achieve them.

Lukin’s System of Goals…

It’s time to turn dreams and desires into actual goals using visualisation, focusing and perseverance. Using the widely recognised S.M.A.R.T. formula Lukin will walk you through the processes of how to choose, set up and implement factors into your life that will help you achieve your goals, whatever they are.

In clear instructional way Lukin shows you how to deal with excuses, procrastination, disasters and calamities will hamper our goals. She explores techniques to question your goals, addressing both your logic and subconscious.

Lukin’s System of Actions…

Is the secret to looking young a matter of buying expensive creams and being needled? No. Lukin’s extensive research delves into her preferred ways to achieve a younger looking you. She has found simple, effective yet affordable ‘look younger’ techniques and approaches that easy and practical to implement.

As a former fitness studio owner and a scientist, Lukin is well-placed to share her knowledge about exercise and weight issues. Refreshingly, her message about the right level of exercise is not a recipe for 7 days a week of blood, sweat and tears.

Likewise, with nutrition, The Lukin System focuses on eating high-quality foods in sensible quantities rather than strict, elimination diets. Experienced in counselling and helping dieters achieve a healthy weight, Lukin does not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, she delves into the emotional and physical issues that being overweight can bring.

The importance of maintaining a hydrated body is also incorporated into Lukin’s system. Her chapter on ‘nine signs that you’re not drinking enough water’ will have you reaching for your water jug.

In this part of the book Lukin also explores the scientific data that provides evidence that lack of sleep can have a huge impact on the ageing process.  Lukin explains the importance of making sure you are getting quality sleep and how to implement a 20-min eye rest into your day, creating a wonderful, refreshing feeling that she calls a ‘Second Morning’.

The book concluded with additional part about home remedies which is one of her great interest based on traditional folk medicine.

After The Lukin Longevity System was published and got Bestseller No. 1 on Amazon, Natasha Lukin got requests from her readers to share more of her knowledge on this subject. As a result, she wrote and publish “My Grandma’s Health Secrets Revealed. 221 Home Remedies”.


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  1. Lori Raupe

    If you are contemplating this purchase, don’t! This is an amazing book. So many great bits of information. I especially love the face wash recipe! I’ll never buy another store bought product again!

  2. Diane

    I’m so glad I was asked to read and review this book! I learned so much from Natasha, explained in an understandable and simple way. Her writing has a chatty quality to it, like she is telling you what she would do and suggesting you try it too as opposed to so many healthy lifestyle books that come across as dictatorial and strict. Thanks Natasha! I will be trying out lots of your suggestions and hope to live to be a healthy old lady!

  3. Kaye Blaivas, Sydney

    I and my husband, we went to all Natasha’s presentations and bought her books. I read Longevity book in one day, and then talked to Natasha. That really helped me change my attitude to family matter. Her support was so valuable to me!

  4. Smiling Sofia

    I have already bought the book. Love it!
    I would highly recommend it to everyone, who loves life and wants to take charge for his own happiness and health.
    Thank you very much, Natasha, for your great work!
    Wishing you all the very best.

  5. Dr Boris Goloub, Psychologist, MBBS, Grad Dip Prof Psych, Grad Dip App Sci (Psych).

    “The Lukin Longevity System” is a written phenomenon, not just a book. It is easy to read a piece of work with the thoroughly selected material. The author uses smart metaphors and offers practical advice and exercises to follow. Yes, it is a well-thought System and is worthwhile to consider for everyday use. It is specifically interesting when you consider the author’s personal achievements and attitude to life.

  6. Andrei Ostroukh, linguist

    For me, this is a book – one of a very few – that I would like to return to. It is also a reference book for making my lifestyle healthier and enjoyable and, finally, for making my life longer… The first system – System of Beliefs – powerfully resonates with me as it makes me realize that everything, including health, begins with the right mindset. Eliminating limiting beliefs is the first step on the way to healthy longevity. The book also contains tons of simple – though efficient – pieces of advice and recipes.

  7. Anne Noonan, Yoga Forever with Anne Noonan, Certified Nutrition Coach

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. I could read it in a couple of nights and found it refreshingly different to all the other ‘how to’ books out there. You can tell it comes from a deep thinker and a health practitioner with an open mind and heart. It’s easy to read that it should be a hand out at every doctor surgery.

  8. Dr Irina Webster, Medical Doctor, a Best-Selling Author

    A must-read longevity guide for anyone considering to live a long and productive life… Read this book – and learn from one of the best health and longevity experts who really walks her talk.

  9. Jeanette Russell

    The Lukin Longevity System” is a very informative and helpful book, a great guide to longevity with many tips and tricks to assist people into their later years.

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